19 January 2007

Time has Passed

But not much has changed. Still using the 9mm, still finding it a touch uncomfortable at first, but it's fine for as long as I want once it's in. Can't see progression to 10mm for a while as the difference is just too great.
Had a very minor scare over christmas when on insertion, I saw blood in the lubricant. It was bright red, and only a small amount, but I stopped sounding completely for 3 or so weeks to give it time to heal. I think I was a bit dehydrated at the time as I'd upped my alcohol intake a bit over the holiday, so hopefully now life is back to normal it won't happen again.

01 November 2006

A lot happier

Since my last post, I have made a tiny but important bit of progress.
I am still using the 9mm sound, but I can now hold it in for as long as I want. I think my penis is slowly getting used to it, for, although it is still snug, it fits in without too much of a problem.

The tightness is still squeezing the lube off the sound however, and this makes removal quite slow, as I'd rather inch it out slowly than pull it quickly, as the friction (although slight) makes my penis sting a bit. The stinging goes as soon as the sound is out, so no damage is being done.

17 October 2006


I think I might need some topical anaesthetic. I ued the 9mm sound today and yesterday, and while I managed to hold it in me for around 20 seconds yesterday, I haven't managed to get it properly inside me at all today. Mostly, I think this is because I'm scared of the pain of the stretch, but it's also partly because the glans might be slightly bruised from yesterday. It's got me a little down, because I don't want to not enjoy the process.

If I could numb my glans enough to insert the 9mm on a regular basis until it goes in without a struggle, that would be great. Certainly the 9mm isn't damaging me in any way (aside from some slight bruising, maybe) and it will stretch given time. I'm just not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow, and that really sucks - not that I'm giving up!

13 October 2006

A Breakthrough

I have been inserting the 8mm sound 2 or three times a day for the past week, and it is still a little tricky to get past the glans without first using the 7mm. I had been becoming frustrated that, as I saw it, the 8mm sound wasn't actually stretching my meatus, but merely deforming it, and that I could potentially end up stuck in a rut.

I also have to admit to reverting to KY jelly for lubrication, I was wrong. As the sounds are quite tight, saliva was simply not up to the job, it dried far too quickly, and although the KY does become quite sticky when it dries, it does last much longer, and is much easier to reapply than saliva.

So, yesterday evening, I experimented a little. I got the complete set of sounds out, and tried inserting the smaller ones two at a time - potentially risky, I admit, but I've never been a very patient person. I had a couple of dodgy moments when the narrower sounds poked me a little, but I was eventually able to insert the 4mm sound AND the 7mm at the same time. This means my meatus is able to accomodate 11mm, unfortunately, that is in height not width. In other words, the urethra, as it passed through the glans, is basically oval in shape not round, and try as I might I was still unable to fit the 9mm sound into me.

The next day I was disheartened, and spent most of the day trying to devise a way of stretching my meatus continuously, in the same way that people insert devices into their ear-piercings to stretch them out. The trouble is of course, any such thing would have to allow urine to pass through, and I am worried about leaving something in my penis for too long in case of infection or tissue damage.

I returned home this evening, and gave it another go with the sounds. Using the different sized sounds I tried manipulating the very entrance to the urethra to try and stretch it a little, and also tried coaxing the 9mm sound further in (it has gone into the meatus, but it stops short of the meaty part of the glans). After some time I had pulled and prodded myself and caused myself a lot of discomfort, but I admit it had released quite a few endorphins into the system, and although I wasn't comfortable I wasn't in any real pain. So I decided to try inserting the 9mm sound slowly, by lubing it up a lot, and applying a firm and constant pressure on it. I very slowly managed to work it about a centimetre into me, and each time I applied pressure my glans protested quite strongly.

After a few goes, and a LOT of lube, I was pressing the sound into me when it suddenly gave and entered the urethra proper. It hurt considerably, and I had to remove it again almost as soon as I had realised what had happened. After a massive adrenalin rush, I realised that the flesh of the glans wasn't damaged, and that it had merely given in to pressure. While I still had the endorphins in my system I did the same insertion a few times, managing to last to around 6 or 7 seconds with the sound inside me, before the pain became too much to bear.

I didn't want to risk my luck, so I washed my penis (squeezing quite a bit of KY out of me) and hygiened my sounds. That was earlier this evening, and my penis feels completely normal, it doesn't hurt at all and feels fine when I urinate.

I am buoyed up by this little development, and although the 9mm is still going to be a big hurdle, I know for sure it is one I can jump.

As a small addendum, I have started drinking cranberry juice. I read somewhere that it is very good for cystitis, and I figure it might just help keep my urinary track healthy. If it does nothing, I haven't lost out, because hey, it's fruit juice!

09 October 2006

The Next Step

Pehaps a misleading title, I couldn't think of anything suitable. Everything is much the same - My urethra can accomodate (just) the 8mm sound. I have found that the urethra is much narrower as it passes through the glans, and this is the bit that's proving tricky.

My meatus is a little bit red and is quite sensitive when stretched by the sound, it hurts a little but that subsides quickly once it's in. I have found that it is a lot more comfortable to insert the 7mm end first (the sounds are all double-ended, each end being 1mm different), and let it go it until the 8mm part enters the penis - that way it's less tender.

The tenderness only occurs with the sound in, luckily it does not hurt any other time, even when I pee, which a big relief. The last thing I want is to open myself up to infection. To that end I have begun a strict timetable. At work I get 2 short breaks, one in the morning and one mid afternoon, as well as my lunch break. I will be using them to sneak of to the toilet and have a 5 - 10 minute session with the sounds, I did it today and it worked out fine.

After using the sound, the meatus looks a little baggier, to my mind at least, so I really hope it can be persuaded to stretch. I really do not want to have a meatotomy in order to continue this, I think they look really ugly.

Hopefully, once I've figured out the logistics, I'd like to post some pictures, but we'll wait and see.

06 October 2006

Day One

The sounds arrived today! I am very excited and also a little daunted by them. Although the sizes were clear in the description, and although there was a clear photo of them, I hadn't realised just how big they were going to be. The largest sound is 18mm wide! I think it will be a while before I will be able to insert that baby!

I have inserted a couple and have already found that KY Jelly isn't really a suitable lubricant for this process. It's too thick and gooey, and as it dries it causes friction, as well as making the sound tricky to hold. Despite the warnings in the ask alice article (see the link in my first post) I have been using my own saliva as a lubricant, and found that although it needs frequent re-application, it is rather effective, and combines with the urethra's natural mucus without irritation. As my quest continues, I may well investigate better lubricants, certainly when i start with much larger sounds.

For now, I can comfortably accommodate the 7mm sound, and can get the 8mm sound in after a little fiddling. It seems that the urethra of the penis shaft itself could quite easily accommodate a larger sound, but the meatus and glans are tighter, and prevent me going larger. I intend to use the 8mm sound until such time as my meatus doesn't protest, and then I'll introduce the 9mm :)

After a few goes today, my meatus is a little red and I can 'feel' it when I pee. The last thing I want to do is rush, and injure myself.

First - A little personal information

I'm a white male in my thirties. I have no piercings or tattoos, and no real interest in having any.
I do, however, like using the internet to look all the wierd and wonderful people that have found a voice on it. People who can be non-mainstream without having to feel 'different.'

As part of my meanderings through the web, i found this article:
which mirrored my own experiences as a curious teenager. This lead me to investigate sounding, through wikepedia, the bmezine and google. I became fascinated, and very quickly decided that I wanted to do it. I found a set of hegar sounds on ebay and promptly bought them, with the express intention of stretching my urethra to the point that i could insert large objects or even a finger down it.

I'm not sure why I want to do this. It certainly isn't sensible and it isn't something I could discuss with my wife. All I know is I AM going to do it.